Thursday, May 17, 2007

Graphics Genius

Here's an excellent example of graphic arts being used to promote an event. Look at the picture above and try to determine which marathon it is promoting.

You are going to bonk yourself on the forehead when I tell you.

Loch Ness Marathon

I won't be running this event in the near future but Thomas in Ireland will be in October.

I will be attempting a 100K run this weekend on Saturday at the 12 Hour Watershed Run in Redmond. Steve Stoyles will also be running. Sunday Michelle and I will be heading down to Olympia our state capitol to cheer for the folks we know running the Capitol City Marathon.

Have a great weekend of running!

Finish at Tacoma Marathon


runliarun said...

I am not sure if Washington is the perfect state for your running group because it has so many races, or if it's your group that forced the state to organize all the races, so you could have your playing ground, thus making Washington what it is.

wendy said...

Ha - I thought it was that crazy race in Africa with all the hills - I'm not that imaginitive. :)

I love the pic of your finish - you always have the best smile for the camera. I often look like I'm dying. =)

Enjoy Watershed, it's a bonus you have great company to run with.

Steve said...

I thought it was the race profile for Western starting on the right.

Wendy, It's nort easy, but I'll try to get a picture of Eric NOT smilling at the 12 hour run.

olga said...

You look way too happy:)
Have fun breaking 62 at 12 hrs! It's worth the confidence booster!

Gotta Run said...

Cool way to promote this race. Yes.. I laughed when I read the answer.

Looking forward to your 100K results. You sure look happy in your photo. Lots of fun!!

Ryan said...

Very cool!

Catching-up on a few post - congratulations on the BLING..what a hOOt!

Have a great weekend too and good luck at the 12 hour run…take it easy out there ;-)


aquaasho said...

That graphic is.....(to use a very american term)....awesome. Really beautiful photo isn't it!
Thousands of good wishes to you on your 100k run this weekend. You're an inspiration!

Meghan said...

Look at you in your final sprint!

Good luck this weekend!

Thomas said...

That graphic is brilliant, isn't it? I love it.

Good luck with the 100k, but after you recent exploits I would have expected you to run the marathon the day after.

Bruce said...

Creative picture all right. Have fun at the 100k, hope you the finish as much as you did at Tacoma.

Darrell said...

So many cool marathons, so few weekends.

Have a great long run tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

That is so cool! You've got to wonder who thinks of things like that.

You're looking quite cheerful for the end of a marathon. You must be an ultra runner. ;)

Anonymous said...