Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Norse Peak Wilderness Run

UPDATE: Good news! Bonus miles are in our future. The road to Corral Pass is washed out so we will need to run up to the campground which will add about 10 miles to our adventure. We will be running in some snow so make sure you bring some warm dry clothing for after the run. Gaiters if you got em! Lots of hunters in the lower lands. If you have a bright vest or hat you may want to wear it. See you in the morning!

The weekend is almost upon us for the Norse Peak Wilderness run. We have lost two runners that previously committed due to lame excuses like broken big toes and stress fractures. Come on! Cowgirl and Cowboy up you weak ass runners. You guys couldn't knock a sick baby off a potty stool!

OK, I'll stop with the smack talk and say that I know the run will be fun but we will miss Shawn and King Arthur.

At this point the following runners are in:

Steve Stoyles - Putz and human GPS

Jamal Shoto - Speedster

Major Jamie Hayes, US Army

Scott was wondering what the drive would be like from Pullman. One word Scott... Long. But then all drives from Pullman are long. You are welcome to join us. Looks like we will all fit in one car from Puyallup. I was hoping to get some flatlanders and out of state folks to come enjoy the run but they all seem to be busy with other runs. That's OK, not everyone can take a fun filled running adventure like the one we are going to have. It could simply be too much for you emotionally and ruin all future runs. Runners like myself, Steve, Jamal, Jamie, and perhaps Scott know that we will find or create incredible runs in the future. Oh, sorry, I started with the smack talk again didn't I.

We will leave Puyallup from my house at 7:00 AM. We will be at the trailhead around 8:30 - 9:00 AM. Bring gear/food to self sustain for 17 miles of trail running. Bring some layers to deal with the elements. Hat & gloves would be a good idea. Heck with my keen sense of direction we might even get in a few extra "exploratory" miles in. I don't get lost, I explore. Fortunately we will have the human GPS Steve Stoyles with us and as a fallback Jamie is trained in Special Forces and can probably find our way back to the trailhead. I will check the trailhead on Saturday to see what sort of conditions we will be encountering. If conditions are really good and all goes well we could try for two laps but I think one should suffice. If for some reason conditions would prevent us from running this trail we can choose from a variety of other trails in the area. The White River 50 miler is run in this same area.
We welcome any others who want to run with us. We don't smell and we don't usually make fun of people who trip over rocks and stuff. We are very intimidating elite athletes but we think, what with the wilderness and all, there will be enough room for a few more egos.
Eric (Trail Scat)


wendy said...

Wow, that sounds like almost as much fun as being in the car with Michelle for 24 hours! =)

We'll be thinking of you Sunday!

robtherunner said...

I am still confused as to why you tough trail runners are starting so late. Who's the pansy that needs to sleep in???

Backofpack said...

Fair warning to other runners: I'll be gone, Trail Scat will be subsisting on frozen tv dinners, so be careful. Guard your food, and watch your back. He's like a grizzly when he's hungry!

Have fun and be safe!

Journey to a Centum said...

Rob - Hey sissy boy, I know Rattlers hibernate in the winter so I'm surprised to hear you shake your pansy rattler at us.

Sorry you can't make it. If we were running further (pun intended) we would of course leave for the run when most people are going to bed. I'm trying to time it so we can stop for dinner on the way home since I'll be force to fend for myself as a running widow.

Trail Scat

Darrell said...

Sounds like fun, if only I could....

shawn said...

You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Karma, dude, karma.

Rob - that pansy is Eric "Baby" Barnes. "BB" for short.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to miss the fun. But, alas, I will get to try and find your wife in the small town atmosphere of San Francisco instead!!! Hm m m m, probably dry, nice weather or rain, cold, and wind? h h h h hm m m m m. . . tough choice!!!


Journey to a Centum said...

I knew that Shawn chick was trouble the first time she passed me in the last mile of White River. I think she blew a snot rocket on me on her way by. She's just brooding over her broken toe and overcome with FOMO. Looks like it will be the men on the mountain, as it should be.

Come on, tell me, that stung a little didn't it?


scott keeps running said...

i'm like dora the explorer, only with a dog and peanut butter sandwich triangles. say what?

this looks like a pretty good deal. i've always wanted to run with speedy sf gps scat. i'll check my sunday morning brunch schedule to see if i have an opening.

King Arthur said...

Did you enter the WS lottery yet? Times running out.

PNW Runner said...

What's with all this smack talk!??

How far is that from Oly? If it's less than a 2hr drive, I might show up...

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your outing! Sounds fun! Hope it doesn't rain too hard on you. But, hey, you guys are tough trail runners. What's a little rain? :)

robtherunner said...


If dinner is what you are concerned about then we should head up for dinner Saturday night and do an all nighter out on the trails and rustle up some wildlife predators. I am sure with a nickname like "trail scat" your tracking skills can lead us to some kitty cats or fuzzy bears that we can wrestle around with, or chase into the woods. Now that's my kind of night out!


Journey to a Centum said...

pnw runner - The drive is within your window of time. Let me know if you want to join us.

With the wind I need to make sure we can make it up the forrest service road. Cars will need a forrest pass to park at the campground/trailhead.

Rattler - We will wait until you are available for that run. I wouldn't want you to die of FOMO. I just watched a special on what to do when you encounter a bear. We can talk about it the next time we run together. Will you be at the Y in the AM (Sat)?

shawn said...

R/BB - That is reminiscent of a conversation we had during the 2nd half of 24 summis about what each of us would do in a wildlife encounter.

If I remember correctly:
Rattler would wrestle the bear into a headlock.
I would offer it a beer.
Arthur would outrun it.
And Eric, ...well Eric would enter into a battle of smack-talk with the bear.

Eric - sting? Yeah, I felt a little prick. oops...was that outloud? :)


scott keeps running said...

looks like the long trip is not happening for me this weekend. i broke a nail. it's a pretty serious break, though - one that nail polish will have a tough time covering up.

Journey to a Centum said...

Wow, broken toe, stress fracture, and now this, broken nail. Scott, I hope that fingernail grows out quickly. You may need to have that checked out by a professional. They may be able to restore the nail with some adhesives and give you that look that you need.

Shawn - nice shot, I wonder how you smack talk a bear?

1)"Hey, you have bear poop in your fur!"

2) "You call that a mauling? Let me up for a second and I'll show you a mauling!"

3) "Man, your breath reeks! You been eating skunks?"

4) "Humph! Only a flesh wound, had worse!"

Anonymous said...