Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving Thanks

That's a big bird!

First and foremost I am thankful for my wife Michelle for her great support and love since I met her about 33 years ago. She's become a really good crew chief for 100 milers too!

I am thankful for our two sons who are both working on their own path of life.

I am thankful for Sonya Dahl and the great support she has given me in races and more specifically at Cascade Crest 100.

I am thankful for Steve Stoyles my running partner, pacer extraordinaire, and friend.

I am thankful for my friends in the running community, and the blogging community for your support and company.

I am extremely thankful to those in our armed services who have served at home and abroad.

I am thankful for my health this past year allowing me to participate in an absurd amount of ultras and marathons.

I am thankful for my job that allows me the opportunity to provide for my family, serve my customers, and pay for my travel and race entries.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Running News: Michelle and I will be running the Seattle Ghost Marathon this weekend.


Backofpack said...

And I am thankful for you, and for our wonderful life together, and for our sons.

wendy said...

Look at you with the sentimental posts. You're pretty awesome and supportive of to many of us as well. Have a good time at Ghost!

scott keeps running said...

yes, that is a big bird.

you two have a great run this weekend!

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Great list. Thanks for sharing. Have GREAT Thanksgiving day.

Joe said...

And I'm thankful I can learn from you, Eric!!!

Thanks for your kind words about our men and women in the service. With my firstborn in Baghdad this Thanksgiving Day, I have many thoughts in that direction... thanks for sharing that with me!

Enjoy your long weekend and the marathon!!

Wes said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Eric! Thanks for setting such a fine example for us youngsters ;-)


robtherunner said...

Happy Thanksgiving and good luck at the Ghost. I think I will be doing a 20 miler on the Wildwood Trail that day. Hopefully next year I can run the Ghost.

mtnrunR said...

well put eric. happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

Jon said...

Love the picture. Totally captures the moment. :-)

Awesome things to be thankful for.

See you and your better half at the Ghost this weekend.

Darrell said...

Great list and I love the Big Bird comic. I'm wondering with Michelle a vegetarian do you get any turkey on turkey day?

Steve said...

I'll be green with envy on Saturday while you run the Ghost. Lorri thinks I should wait but I need to do at least an easy jog/walk for my mental sanity. I hope the weather stays nice for your run. Enjoy

olga said...

Enjoy tomorrow you guys!

shawn said...

Took me a moment to get the Big Bird reference. Ha!

I second being thankful for friends in the running community.

Have fun at Ghost this weekend. Be like a ghost, so fast you're unseen.

Mama said...

Great post. It is important to recognize all of our blessings every day. Look for them and you will see them.

Be Free,

runliarun said...

More abundance comes to those who are grateful.

Anonymous said...