Friday, December 28, 2007


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OK, after looking at the course profile and total elevation gain of 17,000 feet this 125KM (77mile) race seems tame compared to other runs I have completed. That said, many runners going into the race with the same attitude have commented that it's a brutal run and much more difficult than they expected. I'll try to stay away from the Labatt's Blue before the run.

The hotels in Grande Cache need to get their act together when it comes to taking reservations. I didn't want to send in my entry to the race until I had a confirmed hotel reservation. I called three hotels that were putting folks on a waiting list to contact in April. I finally called a hotel and forgot to mention that I was participating in the Death Race and lo and behold they took my reservation. Apparently one hotel I spoke with took reservations last year and had a bunch of no-shows. Seems like the hotels could just lock the reservation with a credit card and charge a min. two nights if you no-show. Perhaps Canadian law won't allow this sort of thing.

I'm open to suggestions on where to stay in the Lake Louise area. The Chateau is out with the lowest cost room being $400.00 a night.

We have had a great holiday with our son Web visiting from Oregon and a Christmas Eve celebration at Michelle's cousins home. I think Michelle is trying to dump me. She got me a tent, an insulating pad, a sleeping bag, and bear spray for Christmas. Actually Riley got me the bear spray. All those items should come in handy for staying the night before at the ultras I plan on running this year.

We have a couple of more runs scheduled including the Last Chance Marathon in Bellingham WA on 12/31/07. Last Chance, which I ran for the first time last year, is my second slowest marathon on record 4:11:08. I ran with Steve Styoles and Rob "Rattler" Hester last year and we just sort of rambled along talking about all the runs we were going to be doing in 2007. It was a prolific year with 6 Marathons and 12 Ultras. My DNF at Western States 100 fueled my ambition to complete the Cascade Crest 100. Life is good!

My 82 year old father is undergoing surgery to replace his aortic valve next week. It's a do or die surgery. We will visit him and stay in Bellingham where he lives until he's stable and heading home. Our son Web had minor heart surgery when he was 1 years old. I remember standing near a play area at Children's Hospital in Seattle talking to the Cardiologist who performed Web's surgery. As we talked a little girl about two years old came running across the carpeted floor at full speed. She had staples in her chest from open heart surgery just two days before. She tripped and slid across the rug on her chest, popped up, turned, and ran the other direction. It's a good thing I was with a Cardiologist because I think my heart stopped when I saw her fall. The Cardiologist just smiled and said he wished some of his adult patients could see how active these kids were after surgery. The kids didn't know how serious the surgery was and they felt so much better that it was just time to play. If my dad is anything like me he still has enough "inner child" in him to get moving and start playing again.

Looks like Michelle and I will start the new year out with a 5mile run and Polar Bear Dip up in Bellingham at Lake Padden.

Happy New Year!


Backofpack said...

I don't think I'm dipping. Running, maybe, depending on the blister situation, dipping? Nuh-uh.

Take your time at Last Chance, otherwise, you'll just be waiting for me!

shawn said...

Wow Eric, I think you're asking for a beating when you run a race called the "Death Run." I'm looking forward to this journey to a centum!

Glad you got awesome running related gifts from the family! That equals acceptance. Seth got me a tech-winter shirt and ice packs; he's getting there! :) Not that gifts are all that Christmas is about. I hope your dad's surgery goes well. I'm sorry to hear that, but glad surgery is an option to let out his inner-child.

Good luck in 2007. You had an awesome year. Coming back from WS to complete CCC was quite an accomplishment! And thanks for running most of Ron Herzog with me - that was a lot of fun.

Go kick some ass at Last Chance! Here's to more chicky memories in 2008. Mwhaa, haa, ha, ha!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope things go well with your dad's surgery. My prayers will be with you and your family.

Sarah said...

Sending my best wishes that your father's surgery is a success!

Thomas said...

I can see how that race would appeal to you!

Good luck to your dad for the surgery.

Donald said...

Prayers for your father, Eric. Have a great 2008!

Darrell said...

You've had a great year of running in 2007. All the best for 2008!

Channeling that inner child will definitely improve your Dads's recovery. I'll be sending good thoughts and prayers his way.

Laura H said...

Good luck to your dad; I know you can help him bring out that inner child! Best for a speedy recovery.

Looks like a kick ass 2008 is in store for you - hopefully you won't need the bear spray!

Anonymous said...

The picture of you in the river looks COLD!

Enjoy your Last Chance marathon. Way to finish out the year.

Your dad will be in my prayers. I hope he'll be running around the hospital in no time.

Happy New Year!

robtherunner said...

I hope all goes well with your father's surgery.

As for the Death Race, let me just say I am extremely jealous, but I'll let you test the waters and hopefully I'll be able to check it out myself in the coming years. Look out 2008!


runningtwig said...

I hope your father's surgery goes well. There will be some prayers for him over here in TN!

Meghan said...

Oh goody, you're doing the Death Race! I'm so excited for you! And, I'm excited to live the race vicariously through you!

On a more serious note, I'm so sorry to read about your dad. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for your family and him!

Feliz Ano Nuevo!

Addy said...

ooh...can't wait to hear how this death race goes! Sounds like fun :)

Best wishes with your dad. Hopefully he'll be just like that two year old, running around and full of joy after his surgury!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

happy new year eric!

Sarah Elaine said...

Read on Michelle's blog that your Dad is doing OK. Glad to hear it.

You got a room in Lake Louise for $400?? That's a deal, man. I'm quite serious.

That hotel you gave me the name of? Yeah... they're not taking any more reservations until mid-July for August. :-(

robtherunner said...

Hmmm...Sarah's got me rethinking this whole Death Race idea. Maybe I should join you...

Anonymous said...