Friday, January 25, 2008

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, No it's a Double!

UPDATE: One down (5:06:49) and one to go! Knee feels OK. Smack talk to Hester seems to be working. Caught up to him at mile 28. Can't wait till the alarm goes off tomorrow morning!

"Great day in the mornin'!!" Hester has always been a bad influence on me. I mean that in a good way. His Marathon Maniac quest for Seven Stars has him running back to back 50K's this weekend. I guess I should say us since I've joined in on the crazy adventure. My decision to run the second Yours Truly 50K will depend on how my knee feels on Saturday after Pigtails. I've been fighting a little "runners knee" on my right leg. I suspect the mud and snow contributed to the irritation at the Western Washington Fat Ass and the Capitol Peak Fat Ass. Lake Youngs is a kinder gentler trail consisting of crushed gravel and some fair hill work.

Rob "Rattler" Hester is working off weight gained during the stressful Masters work he completed before moving into his new vocation of Special Education. He does not want to be coddled or handled with kid gloves. He wants me to tell it like it is and push him toward his goal. That said I've decided to break up the three amibro runs and go at my own pace. Passing "Trail Scat" can now become one of his milestones toward his ultimate goal of getting his times back down to where they were three years ago.
Look out Lawson, I'm tired of getting "Chicked". Look out tc, I'm not going to let you push me around an throw stuff at me anymore. Look out Shela, if you try to trip me with one of your cross body dog blocks I'll have you flying over the moon with the cow. Hey diddle diddle that you little bitch! I know, no bad dogs, just bad owners. I wonder how long it took King Arthur to teach Shela that trick?
I'm looking forward to the weekend and anticipate having a lot of fun.


Backofpack said...

Whoo - you are downright scary! Just remember not to push the Rattler too hard on Sunday, because he promised, that's right, promised, to run with me. We're just going to amble along the path, looking out for Trail Scat!

Wes said...

Scary, nuts, trail scat, its all the same :-)

robtherunner said...

I agree it is time we return to the every man for himself philosophy. That way I won't have to feel so guilty when I am kicking your ass again ;)

Thomas said...

Scary, or nuts? You decide!

Sarah said...

You should be one down, one to go about now! Above all, have fun! : )

Anonymous said...

That's some serious smack talk! :) Good luck with the double. You are an animal!

Take care of that knee. Make sure you stretch your hammies and calves - when they're tight, they can put pressure on the knee.

Well, you can talk the talk . . . can't wait to hear how you run the run! :)

olga said...

Some mucho smack talk going on here, testosteron flying off the wall!

shawn said...

I'll show you "runner's knee," you %$#@!sonofabucket*&$!!*%!!

Shela!!...Fetch me my tire iron you b!tch.

(Good job at Pigtails yesterday. I was wondering when you'd break out of your [turtle] shell and start busting out some fast times. Have fun today at Yours Truly. Keep Rob in line.)

Steve said...

Good Pigtails, seven minutes faster than last year without me slowing you down. I got a nice hill run Saturday in at the Arboritum at WWU and then we hiked up to Oyster Creek viewpoint south of Chuckanut.

I hope you saved some legs and energy for today's double.

Oh, stay clear of Shawn, I think you struck a cord with your threats to the b!tches.