Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ranger Creek Run

Rattler, Steve, Jane, Lesa, and I went for a 15 mile training run up to the Ranger Creek Shelter from Buck Creek. This is a section of the White River 50 course. I picked Steve up at 5:40AM and headed to Rattlers house and found him waiting for us on his front steps at 6:00AM. A quick stop at Starbucks and we were on our way. Lesa and Jane took a separate car so they could head straight home for another event later in the day.

Nothing like heading out on a running adventure with a bunch of pillow faced, not so cheery, running addicts. We had a great run with wonderful views, perfect weather, and got to freeze our muscles in the White River afterwards in glacier water so cold that it felt like your toes were being smashed with a hammer! It was so cold that your legs wouldn't go numb. It almost made Rattler cry.

I have included some photos of our running adventure. Rattler, Steve, and I spent a lot of the time during the run discussing our plans for the Plain 100 next weekend. Steve and Michelle will help at the one and only crew station at mile 55. I brought an assortment of foods to try with mashed potatoes being the most popular among us all. I'm really looking forward to the Plain challenge and feel that Rattler and I have a very good chance to finish.


SherpaHerb said...

Good luck at Plain. Looks like the weather will be great.

Wes said...

Great pics! I can't believe you have another 100 coming up already... Tally-ho!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had fun! How nice to have so many people willing to join you on your early morning adventures. :)

robtherunner said...

Nice photo set. Why do the girls look so more relaxed in the water than I do?

I'm packing my gear as we speak.

Journey to a Centum said...

I don't know why they were so much more relaxed. I guess they are just tougher than we are. Double click on the picture of you standing in the water. What's Steve looking at?

I like the last picture of Jane standing on the edge with Rattler slithering up to the edge of the 1000 foot cliff. We need a para sail so we can just leap off the top of that sucker! But then we would miss the seven miles of beautiful soft down hill to Buck Creek.

I've started packing too!
1. Socks X3
2. Shoes X2
3. Shorts X2
4. Short Sleeve Shirt X2
5. Long Sleeve Shirt X2
6. Arm warmers X1
7. Vaseline X1
8. Map with protector & directions
9. Spare batteries for aid station
10. Headlamp and waistlamp
11. Space Blanket
12. Back Pack foot kit.
13. Imodium, Advil
14. S-Caps
15. Plain Power Gel
16. Rain Coat X1
17. Skull Cap
18. Sunglasses
19. Reading Glasses
20. Garmin X2
21. Baseball Cap
22. Assorted food
23. Water bottles with holders X4
24. Chapstick
25. Sun screen
26. Insect repellent
27. Mad Monkey
28. TP
And some more stuff too!

Anonymous said...

Too bad you guys got out of the water before Lesa and I got there . .. but the screams of pain were something to hear! I didn't think the water was that bad!!

Have fun in Plain!


Sunshine Girl said...

I find that the most promising adventures involve mad monkeys!! Yay for more mad monkey fun!

Laura H said...

I think Steve was admiring Rob's pretty blue towel...yeah, that's it. You need to add in a girl scream to go with that photo - oh wait - girls are much tougher! Hah!

Good luck at Plain next weekend! Hope the mad monkey keeps the coyotes away!!

olga said...

I hate you guys. In a good sort of way. I want to run!!! OK, I am done and over - have fun this weekend. Take care of Robbie, make him eat early and lots. You too.

Gotta Run said...

Is that ICE on top of the water? What a treat to finish a training run.

BTW - love the list of race supplies. I am stealing it right now.

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice run!! And great photos!!

Ryan said...

Looks like fun, you guy's have so many wonderful trails in ur area. Best wishes for a successful finish a Plain 100 this weekend.

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

I'd have been lying there like Rob too. I like being on the edge only when I am harnessed to something and repelling down! Looks like I missed a fun run! take me along next time! :)

Journey to a Centum said...

Jenny - You bet! We are looking at a run up in the Norse Peak Wildernes that is in the same area. It would start from Corral Pass. Lot's of stuff going on but we need to make it happen before the snow flies!

Sarah Elaine said...

Great photos. Another 100-miler? Maniac.

Joe said...

Great pix, Eric, thanks!

Have been thinking of you and Rob all week, heading to Plain. Good luck to you both...your planning and teamwork will serve you well.

Knowing some of your favorite food on these long runs, we had pyrogies in your honor tonight.

Good luck...look forward to hearing about the weekend. Dust and all!

Anonymous said...