Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Running in the Pacific Northwest

Not a lot of racing activity for me lately so I've been out running the trails of the PNW and getting some good training in with 60-75 mile weeks. Here's some photos from last weekend and yesterday:
Rob Hester up at the Bullitt fireplace on Squak Mt. We started our 21 mile run at 5:00AM and were able to go socialize with the folks running the Lake Youngs Ultra after our run.
Abi hanging with Terry at the finish of the Lake Youngs Ultra (LYU)
Jenny Appel who finished overall winner in the Rainier to Ruston 50 mile ultra the previous week still smiling after LYU.
Karen Wiggins trying not to tighten up too much.
OK, let the kids back into the pool now girls!
Frankie the Y-Run Club mascot
Bob Stoyles finishing with an entourage of supporters: L2R Abi, Linda, Bob, Steve
Stream crossing PCT Craig Hanela. Michelle and I will be marking a section of trail for the 20th Century 100K race this coming weekend. Last night Craig, Michael, and me scouted a section to see how the water and snow levels were. Looks great!
Rope section on really steep section we ran last night. We finished the run in the dark. Pictured: Michael Cartwright
Michael Cartwright crossing washed out section of Iron Horse Trail.

OK that's it for now! Time for me to catch up on your blogs!

Run like the wind!


olga said...

Wow for Jenny, thanks for letting us know! Good running all around:)

Donald said...

Cool pics!

runningtwig said...

Great pictures!