Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cold Moscow Mt. Run




I've been tagged by a couple of folks for the six word memoir which I will include at the end of this post. Don't worry, I'm not going to tag anyone else because the whole thing seems to have run it's course.

A couple of the Barnes boys, namely me and my son Riley headed out last weekend to Pullman Washington. Riley is transferring to Washington State University next year and he was attending the transfer student orientation. He toured campus and was able to register for his classes for the first semester. Michelle spent a quiet weekend at home.

I chose not to attend the parent program so I had some time on my hands. I contacted fellow Marathon Maniac #760 Scott "Glass Knees" McMurtrey who lives in Pullman and works at WSU and asked if he would mind having a running partner on his Sunday run. On Saturday while Riley and I were traveling to Pullman Scott was up scouting out the trails on Moscow Mt. in Idaho.

Riley and I went to breakfast at a restaurant named English Breakfast. Whoa! Big food, fresh OJ, expensive. We went away with our bellies full. Riley got checked in and I ran him up to the campus. I met Scott and his dog Sadie in town and we headed out to Moscow Mt. Sadie was a bit shy at first but before long she was shoving her head under my arm for some petting.

As we entered the town of Moscow Idaho Scott pointed out the larger peaks of the ridge of hills known as Moscow Mt. Due to heavy snowpack our run was limited to a 5.5 mile loop on the lower section. We started out at about 3000 feet and climbed to 3600 feet. It snowed lightly on us as we climbed up the road and then single track trail. Sadie was zooming all over the place. Scott mentioned that he had seen moose while on this run. We kept our eyes peeled but didn't see any during this run. The trails were nice with very few rocks or roots and a thick carpet of pine needles. Ponderosa Pine are all about as you meander up the switchbacks and valleys along the trail. Sadie for the most part stayed ahead of us and continually swept back and forth. Scott wants to put a Garmin on her collar and see just how many miles she runs during this loop. My guess is that she would be up to at least 7 miles, perhaps 10. We had to traverse quite a few icy snow patches but the run was very enjoyable.

We had a nice easy run which was what I was looking for since I've started my taper for Big Sur. It was probably all the effort I could have mustered up anyway after the big breakfast I had eaten that morning. When we got back to the car we decided to head into Moscow for some hot chocolate and coffee to warm up a bit. It snowed as we drove the two miles into town and ended up at a coffee shop called One World Coffee. It was a cool shop with doors hanging from the ceiling and walls with a cluster that I can only describe as a stationary mobile. I've not seen the movie Monsters Inc. but Scott tells me that the doors remind him of the portals that the Monsters used. After coffee we headed back to Pullman and went our separate ways.

When Riley and I were going out to breakfast on Saturday we noticed a group of runners participating in a race. Turns out it was the WSU 100K Relay and Solo event. I had Michelle check out the website on line from our house and headed up to the WSU Fieldhouse where the finish line was set up. Turns out Marathon Maniac Robert Towne was participating in the run. I ran with Robert for a few miles at Chuckanut Mt. 50K this year. He is training for his first 100 miler at Western States. This was his first 100K. He not only smoked it but he also got first place. His official time was 9:49:45. I chatted with a bunch of the relay runners and spoke with Nancy Chaney the Mayor of Moscow who happened to be at the finish to support the runners and race organizers. I had fun killing time here as Riley finished up his tours and seminars.
Robert Towne

For those of you who have not discovered Craig's blog check out this runners prayer.

OK, here's my 6 word memoir:
"Believe the incredible, Do the improbable"

I'll leave you with this: Well behaved woman and men rarely become famous.


Backofpack said...

I guess I live your memoir...because me running marathons+ is both incredible and improbable!

I missed you when you were in Pullman, but I shared your time with Scott, because after all, I am not famous, and I am very well-behaved.

olga said...

So, I should continue to misbehave? :) And how did you make it all the way to Moscow without letting me know?!

scott keeps running said...

next time you're in town i'm sure the snow will be completely gone. it almost reached 50 degrees today. that's a step in the right direction.

i guess i'll need to make a trip west this summer for a training run on some real mountain trails.

Anonymous said...

You always have a great running story told creatively and some new innovation to your blog. I enjoy it all. Thanks for the mention.

aquaasho said...

Running makes the world smaller doesn't it? If you know what I mean.... Good luck to Riley in his new university! :-)

Anonymous said...

Brrr! Running in Moscow, ID right now sounds/looks quite cold! How fun that you were able to connect with a few people while you were there.

In light of your last comment. . . does this mean you're trying to become famous? ;)

Gretchen said...

Nice memoir! And I'm still not sure if that last remark is meant to encourage good behavior or bad behavior...? ;)

Gotta Run said...

Cool that you got to meet up with Scott. Now I am trying to get him to visit his sister here in Greenville, SC. That is my neck of the woods.

your memoir.... priceless!

Sarah said...

I like your memoir! I also like that you have your priorities straight...skipping the parents program for a trail run. : )

robtherunner said...

Looks like some nice trails up there. I would have enjoyed the snow, but not the drive over. Good luck at Big Sur!

Mark@5 a.m. said...

Next time you are in the Pullman-Moscow area, head to breakfast at the Breakfast Club in Moscow. We ate there several times when son Scott at attending U of I.

Anonymous said...