Monday, April 14, 2008

Peterson Ridge Rumble

Enjoy the following slide show:
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I will be adding a new feature to my blog this week to describe our experience at the Peterson Ridge Rumble in Sisters Oregon.


Lost - Legs, in the vicinity of mile 18 of Peterson Ridge Rumble. If found please return to Trail Scat.

Found - 80 degree weather in and about Sisters Oregon with an ample portion of heat training.

Lost - Traction on the icy "luge" section on our way to the "grunt".

Found - Ice cold Black Butte Porter beer at the finish thanks to Wendy's husband!

Lost - S-Caps somewhere between my car and the start of the race!

Found - Generous runners Olga, Herb, & Karen who kept Mr. Crampy at bay by sharing S-Caps with me.

Lost - Missed a marker and started heading the wrong direction until someone behind me gave a yell. Karen W. and a couple other runners took a much longer tour of the same error.

Found - Controlled burns in Sisters area that made for a smoky hotel stay.

Lost - About 5K distance on the alternative course due to deep snow.

Found - A great barbecued cheeseburger at the finish line cooked by a master volunteer!

Lost - It, as in crashed, at a transition from trail to a cross road about mile 4. It's just not a trail run unless you get to do a dirt dive and bleed a little.

Found - A very relaxing weekend with Michelle and a bunch of great ultra runners!

I enjoyed running with Herb Reeves of Olympia whom I ran with for at least the first half of the Rumble. Thanks to Sean Meissner and all the great volunteers who made this run such an enjoyable experience.

Rumble On Runners!
Trail Scat


Laura H said...

Beautiful slide show! Sounds like you had a great time down south!

Anonymous said...

Great slide show Eric. Sounds like you and Michelle had a great weekend.

SherpaHerb said...

It was great running with you for the first bit until my spring ski legs gave out. Not a good idea to hit the slopes before a run. Wish I would have known you were struggling too. Probably could have hasten my slog and caught you at the end!

Sarah said...

It was great seeing you and Michelle! I think everyone did really well for such a hot day. Nice pictures!

Sarah Elaine said...

Kewl, dude. Like the format, too.

robtherunner said...

Okay, now I am seriously jealous. I remember all of the course now after the slideshow. Looks like fun!

olga said...

Eric, you are seriously funny when it comes to posts, me like it:) When you get your found legs sent to you - can you chop a piece and mail it my way, please?

Jon said...

Niiiiiiiice. Looks like the weather was cooperative across the board this weekend for everyone. :-)

Meghan said...

Hi Eric,

Oh, did you say you fell? It was so quiet and barely mentioned that I almost missed it. Dude, way to get clumsy! ;)

Sounds like an enjoyable weekend was had by all!


King Arthur said...

Well you Found the finish line so I call that a success.

Ryan said...

It's been awhile....I always enjoy the reports and pictures of ur adventures...this one is a fun and creative race report! Thanks for all the motivation and inspiration...keep having fun out there.

Donald said...

Great slide show, and I liked the report format. Thanks!

Mama said...

It is a very beautiful part of the country. Steve can tell you which mountain is which. He always tell me their names, because I can never remember.

You must have a lot of time on your hands to be able to make such a fabulous slide show.

Glad you had fun,

Jenny, Maniac #401 said...

Yes, Like Lorri said, I could also tell you the names of the mountains. You are going to have to learn them if you keep going to Central Oregon to run!
Till next time!

runningtwig said...

Great pics and interesting recap! Sounds like a great weekend! I've been missing your recaps!

Michmas said...

You were there too!?! OMG! I cant believe we didnt see eachother. How is that possible? I started at 7 am and finished around 1 but we hung out at the finish line until 3pm. What time did you roll in? You were probably already showered up and in bed by then :)

What a brutal race. I think your Lost and Found list sums it up beautifully. I seriously considered quitting Ultra Running all together by the time we hit that loooong red forest road. People kept flying past me and all I could think was how horrible I felt and that I simply wasnt cut out for this sport! Ugh.

Next time I'll make sure to check your race calendar so that I dont miss seeing you!

Gotta Run said...

Love the Lost and Found post. LOL!! the Smile Box is such a great way to share photos.

You two boys must think you and Michelle are some awesome, active parents.

Keep it up!

shawn said...

I think that losing your s-caps should have been just another challenge to overcome. Borrowing from others is SO cheating. ;-) Just kidding - gotta love ultra runners, always there to spot you when you need it. Congrats on another finish.

shawn said...
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Anonymous said...

What a great place to spend the weekend! (Love that area!) Sorry you lost so many things. Good luck finding "IT!" ;)

Hope you are rested and recovered soon!

Bob Gentile said...

Love the smilebox vid but now I want to go fishing and grab a few cold beers....ok I will go do my run instead :-(

olga said...

Finally went through slide show - nicely done!

runliarun said...

Nice give and take of lost and found. How was it to run without legs half the race?

I could use that trick :).

Anonymous said...