Friday, April 11, 2008

Yakima Marathon Recap

Michelle & Sydnee

I have not been very quick to the trigger with this post. It's not that Yakima wasn't an enjoyable marathon but I've been traveling on business and busy with things like taxes and covenant amendments.

Yakima Marathon is a very friendly race. It's 400 + runners are comprised of many 100 marathon club members as well as 50 State members. There is a pre-race dinner, post race dinner, and post race breakfast.

The Yakima course is a point to point from Ellensberg to Selah Washington. It is a closed course running along the Yakima River Canyon. The scenery is beautiful with the river to your right as you run through the canyon carved by the river. There are many columnar basalt outcroppings that are huge crystals formed from magma that has oozed from fissures in the earths crust eons ago. I think Bob Dolphin and Mel Preedy watched the crystal form.

The morning started with a meeting at 5:50AM in Selah to catch busses to the starting line. The hotel at the starting line has a nice hospitality building that the participants hang out in until the start at 8:00AM. It was a cold morning at about 28 degrees but sunny. It eventually warmed up to near 50 towards the end of the day. Heck I even got some sunburn on my face from the great weather.

The race results are here. Steve Stoyles and I ran the entire race together. We had fun chit chatting with many runners along the way. Steves daughter Sydnee and Jessica were running their first marathons. Michelle ran with Sydnee for the entire distance. Jessica started running with our Y-Run Club last year as the only participant in our Couch to 5K program. She ran her first 5K last April and now she's completed a marathon!

Abi, Marco, Lisa, and Michelle S. also participated in the marathon. Abi had family in the area so she had a nice contingent of fans to cheer her on. Marco got to run his first marathon in Washington. He hung with Steve and I until about mile 13 and then backed off to the finish. Michelle S. ran with little training but the knowledge that she had crossed the line before. She looked a bit sore after the run. Ray & Jane were also in the mix with Jane's sister running her first marathon.


Off to run trails this weekend in Sisters Oregon. The Petterson Ridge Rumble was a last second decision but it's a run I've wanted to do for a few years.

Run Happy! Thanks for reading!Michelle S.

Jessica left Maple Valley Runners below Jane & Sis left Lisa and Annie Rt.


robtherunner said...

Hopefully the covenant battle will get taken care of soon. Nice job at Yakima and hopefully all is well at Peterson.

Jon said...

Oh sure, rub it in (with those cool pics) that I chose to take my dog to the vet instead of running Yakima this year in the nice weather! *LOL*

Hope the Ridge Rumble went better for you than Mt Si did for me (dropped at Mile 30, it was ugly.)

shawn said...

I tend to think of Eastern WA as barren, but it is very pretty in a very different way. Too much time over there will make you appreciate all of our greenery.

I can't believe you put that in writing about Bob and Mel watching the rocks form. That's too funny. Soon we'll be saying the same about you ;-)

Anonymous said...